wedding photography, The Tides, NJ - ceremony, exchange of rings

NJ wedding photographer - The Tides, NJ - bride and groom portrait

New Jersey wedding photography - The Tides, NJ - portrait of the bride and groom

Sofie & Michael – wedding – The Tides, North Haledon, NJ

Sofie and Michael’s wedding was quite an emotion event as you can already see by some of the photos at the start here.  But I want to specifically point out the next photo – as Sofie and Michael walked down the aisle at the end of their wedding ceremony, Michael leaned over to touch his grandmother’s hand as she congratulated them. (He then leaned in for a kiss.) I was waiting for any kind of response by the couple , since the ceremony is one of those times where every gesture has meaning …. and there is the photograph.

A month after the wedding, I received an email from Sofie, regarding their grandmother … and explaining why this specific photograph had such meaning for them:

Grandma’s wish was to see all 11 grand-children to marry before she died. Michael was the 11th, the last one to get married. (May 7th, 2011). Every time she was in the hospital she always said she’s not going anywhere until Michael is married. After she witnessed all 11 grandkids getting married she was at peace – unfortunately she passed exactly 1 month after our wedding day. She was like the “god father (mother)” of the family. Everyone even called her the BOSS. Her goal was to keep her huge family together! Her number one priority in life was Family. She will be missed by her enormous and still growing family. RIP grandma Licini.

This letter for me illustrated again the importance and value of wedding photography.

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