Complete wedding galleries

Of course it makes very good sense to see a few complete galleries. It is important to know that your photographer will be able to consistently deliver the level of photography shown on the website and during the consultation.

With that, I always recommend that couples ask to see complete galleries as representative work. Below you will find 5 complete weddings, showing all the images delivered to my wedding clients. This is the standard you can expect.

There are also too many unfortunate cases where photographers fraudulently showed the work of others as their own. Also, multi-shooter studios often show the work of other photographers! With that, it is essential to know that I will be the photographer at your wedding – not someone else that is subcontracted. It will be me.

The standard of photography and the level of professionalism is what you can expect of me in photographing your special day.


Peiwen & Eric
full gallery | password: Yam
slideshow: Peiwen & Eric

Nicole & Brad
full gallery | password:  Hart
favorite images / blog: Nicole & Brad

Julia & Louis
full gallery | password: Lowry
favorite images / blog: Julia & Louis

Sarah & Antonio
full gallery | password: Nguyen
favorite images / blog: Sarah & Antonio

Karissa & Rory
full gallery | password: Genovese
favorite images / blog: Karissa & Rory


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