Knoll CC NJ wedding ceremony photos

wedding photographer Knoll CC NJ

Knoll CC NJ wedding photography

Shielamae & Steven – wedding – Knoll Country Club, NJ

Shielamae and Steven’s wedding had a lot of cute moments – such as Shielamae excitedly hugging her wedding dress! And of course, we also just had to show the res soles of her Louboutin shoes. And on this blustery day,when Shielamae stood next to Steven at the ceremony place, (gazebo), he immediately offered his jacket to her – to much aaaw-ing by the guests. And something which won’t be apparent with the photo here of their first look, the wind did actually whip the veil over their heads. As I mentioned, it was a blustery day!

A few other things to mention about the photographs –  after the DJ’s set, friends of theirs who are in a band, performed a few songs. They were solid and had the crowd dancing.

I sent a Q&A set to Shielamae and Steven, and here they are with a few words about their wedding:

How did you meet?
Steve and I knew of each other since middle school but our paths didn’t cross again until 2010 at a karaoke party.

How did you choose The Knoll Country Club as your wedding venue?
The Knoll Country Club was actually the first venue we visited. We liked how we would be the only wedding that day and that we could have both the ceremony and reception there as well.

Tell us about your dress, shoes and other accessories!
The dress I chose was #9 out of 15! I wasn’t expecting to pick a ball gown seeing as how I don’t like to feel itchy or weighed down, but when I put it on, I felt like a princess 🙂 Steve had surprised me with my Christian Louboutin shoes! What a keeper! The blue diamond earrings and necklace set were a gift from my mother in law as my something blue.

What detail did you like best about your wedding day?
Each other, and that we were married!

Describe your decor and how you chose it!
My decor was rustic and romantic. Lots of mason jars, burlap and lace. I like arts and crafts and decided to make the centerpieces and the favors. I didn’t realize how much work it was and how big of a family Steve had!

What was your favorite moment during your wedding day?
Our favorite moment was when we said our vows.

Tell us about your food and cake!
Our cake was a very simple pound cake with chocolate and raspberry mousse filling. We had cat figurines as our cake toppers so that our cats would be a part of it too!

Why did you choose Neil van Niekerk for your photography?
Steve’s dad loves photography and heard about Neil through his books and videos and really admired his work. We took his recommendation and are so happy with our decision! He is a pleasure to work with and made us feel comfortable the entire time.

What’s next on your calendar as a couple?
Enjoying life as a married couple and doing some traveling!

Shielamae + Steven


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