I strongly believe that the best way to display your wedding day, is as a collection of images. To match the timeless quality of the photographs, an album of high quality makes perfect sense – an album, beautifully printed and bound, to display your wedding memories with impact.


Main wedding album

For the main album, there are two options available:
the premier Signature series, and the more budget-oriented Bijou series.

The Signature series albums have a cameo image mounted in the leather cover. The library binding is of a high quality and durable. The printing quality too is stellar. Even the edges of the pages are also sealed, making for a durable album. The Signature series albums are offered in two sizes: 11″ x 11″ square, and 14″ x 11″ panoramic.

The 11″ x 11″ book is most often chosen by couples as the primary album, since it is a large album, yet easily held. There is also the panoramic version, a 14″ x 11″ landscape-oriented album which opens up to a truly impressive 28″ x 11″ size.  The web images here just don’t quite do it justice!

    • Signature album, $1500
      • 11 x 11 size – 20 spreads / 40 sides,
      • 14 x 11 size – 18 spreads / 36 sides

(each album takes approximately 80 images;
additional spreads are $75 each)

    • Bijou album, $975
      • 10 x 10 size – 20 spreads / 40 sides
      • 11 x 11 size – 18 spreads / 36 sides

(each album takes approximately 80 images;
additional spreads are $65 each)


Parent albums

For a parents’ album, there is the 8×8 sized version of the main album.  It does not have the cameo image on the cover, but has the name and date embossed into the front. This parent’s album can either be an exact copy of the main album with the same number of spreads, or an original design with fewer spreads.  And again, this album too boasts the same quality of printing and binding as the main album.

    • parent album (8×8), $450 for 1st album;  $400 for each subsequent identical album
      • duplicate of main (square) album
        • 20 spreads / 40 sides,
        • same number of images as main album
      • new design
        • 16 spreads / 32 sides
        • approximately 60 images


Mini books

In addition to this large coffee table display album, there is now also the Mini-Books – a miniature replica of the main album. This mini-album is 3.5 x 3.5 and it comes in that cute presentation box.  The size will vary accordingly if it is a copy of an 14×11 album.  The Mini-Book has to be ordered at the same time as the main album.  It’s perfect to carry around and show to family and friends.  Of course, the quality of printing and binding is on par with the main album, so everone will get a clear idea of what the main album looks and feels like.

  • mini-album,  $150 (only available with the Signature series album)


Guest signing books

Signing books make a wonderful memento of your wedding day. Guest leaving little notes in a book which then become a memorable keepsake.



Please note: prices do not include NJ sales tax!

Please contact me for more details and pricing, and to see sample album design layouts.

Here is the info page on the album design sequence.


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