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Julie & Ryan – Perona Farms, NJ – wedding photography

Perona Farms in NJ us a beautiful venue for weddings with their expansive grounds, giving a near-rustic atmosphere to weddings held there. Julie and Ryan’s entire wedding day took place there –¬†their preparation, wedding ceremony and reception were all held on location at Perona Farms. Opposite the venue is the pond and small island were we also took photos before having to shelter from the rain. These next two photos were taken outside under the awning in front of the venue. This way we were able to continue with the photo session even though it was drizzling at the time. It was a fun wedding reception, from Ryan’s hilarious Gangnam Style dance, all the way through to the send-off with bubbles.

Ryan was adamant that he didn’t want to see Julie before she walked down the aisle, but they still wanted to share their letters to each other. So I set it up where Ryan was able to approach her where Julie was hiding behind the door, so they were still able to hold hands and read the other’s letter. A lovely romantic gesture. And typical of how sweet Ryan is towards his bride.

Julie and Ryan, congrats and best wishes!



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