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I had the opportunity (and pleasure) to work with Home Free, the a cappella group, on two occasions so far. Both times were for publicity photos for the group, with the added excitement (and a little bit of pressure) that one of the images from the second photo shoot, would be used for their new album cover.

I flew out to where they are based in Minneapolis, and along with the band members and their management worked on their publicity photos. The styling and location where done by their team, since they worked with a coherent theme and ideas in mind for the publicity stills – I had to take care of the photography and lighting.

If you are curious about the techie side of the photography, I wrote two articles on the lighting techniques I used on these photo sessions,

Below, you can see other images from these two photo sessions – we did a combination of looks and poses, mixing up the group members. Sometimes seated, sometimes standing … or a combination. Some photos had them smiling; some serious. All this so it was easier to choose images afterwards that better fit the ideas they wanted to go with. I liked the more serious look, as you can see below. However, for an album of songs about the holiday season, it made more sense to have the guys look friendly and approachable … which they are. If you go to one of their shows, make the effort to meet with them after the show – they’re pretty cool.


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