New York elopement wedding - Grand Central

New York elopement wedding NYC - portraits

New York elopement wedding NYC

New York elopement wedding  –  Frida & Peter

Frida and Peter came over from Sweden for their wedding in New York. I met up with them after their wedding ceremony at City Hall, for portraits on location. As always, New York City lent the portrait session a distinct vibrancy.  We walked along part of 5th Ave, swung by Grand Central, and then wend our way through Bryant Park to Times Square. Frida and Peter were fun to photograph, but their daughter, Tova, was the star as she hammed it up for some of the photos.

Frida and Peter, it was wonderful to get to know you. Best wishes!

I sent a Q&A set to Frida and Peter, and here they are with a few words about their wedding day:

Where are you from, and what work do you do?
– Me, Frida, am originally from Iceland, Peter is borne and raised in Sweden. I have my own company Filur Design that produce children products, especially my own creation, the Rascals that I also wrote a children’s book about. Peter works as a project manager in construction in the one of the largest hospitals in Europe.

Why did you choose New York as the place for your wedding?
– Peter thought we should get married in Las Vegas; he could be Elvis, but I thought New York would be a much better place. We were in New York three years ago and we loved it, and we wanted to have the New York experience again. Just walking down 5th ave is an amazing feeling.

What was your inspiration to have an elopement wedding in New York?
– We wanted to invest in ourselves and combining a wedding with a trip and have our eight year old daughter, Tova, with us. This was just a great combo.

What was your favorite moment during your wedding day?
– The photoshoot whith Neil was definitely something we will remember for the rest of our lives, it was great fun and the pictures came out fantastic.

What is the one moment will last with you both forever?
– The “I do” part at the City Clerk’s office is of course something we also will remember.

What advice would you give to future brides for their wedding day?
– Do the wedding as you want, make it your special day doesn’t matter if it’s in the church or if you elope.

What’s next on your calendar as a couple?
– Next on the calendar is maybe moving out from the center off Stockholm to a house in the suburb, we will see.

Frida + Peter


New York elopement wedding NYC

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