NYC Elopement wedding

NYC Elopement wedding, New York

Elopement wedding, New York / NYC

Elopement wedding, City Hall, New York – Kelly & Joe

Is it still an elopement wedding if a couple lives in New York, and does the, “hey, let’s get married!” thing and meet up at City Hall with parents and a few friends? I think so! Kelly and Joe’s wedding had that same free-spirited off-the-cuff feel of other elopement weddings I have photographed. With their friends and a few family members there with them, there was a definite excited buzz among everyone there.

After the ceremony at NYC City Hall, and the family photos, we hitched a ride in a stretch Hummer to Brooklyn for a photo session in the Dumbo area. The photos of them at various spots along the East River, with Manhattan as the backdrop – don’t they just look so damn stylish!? We even had a bouquet toss when Kelly had her friends with her in Brooklyn, before we went over to the Brooklyn waterfront for more photos. What I love about this area is that we have the Manhattan skyline in the background, as well as the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. Very photogenic … and a perfect backdrop for the romantic portraits.

I have to explain some of the other photos – the bride is a nanny for the twin girls – the two girls were so taken with her earrings and her flowers.  And there was that amusing moment when the officiant dramatically paused to ask if anyone present had any objection to the two getting married. Their reactions are priceless.

Then, this photo below, is one of a sequence of candid images while we were waiting for the ceremony at NYC City Hall – it clearly shows just how much they adore one another.

Kelly and Joe, it was a treat to be there with you on this day. Congrats, and best wishes for your future together.



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