Accomplished – Portrait photography: portraits of strong women

The series of photographs of women shown here, is part of a collaboration with Brynn Hudson jewelry – portrait photography which focuses on the many facets that women have. For this series, Brynn and her team focused on women over 55.

“While younger women are always the focus in media, we felt this more mature and underrepresented group deserved to have the spotlight turned on them. What we found were more working women who had started and currently still run their own businesses. We found retired federal employees, and teachers. And most of all, we found rich life experiences and whole list of accomplishments.” All of this inspired them to come up with an appropriate name for this installment: “Accomplished.” When Brynn launches this new part of her website, these women will share what they feel are their life’s greatest accomplishments and of what they are most proud of.

As the photographer, I found this event energizing – to be amongst women who have worked hard for their achievements. Vibrant personalities, and yet, ego-free. It really was a wonderful experience to meet everyone, and help portray them as they are.

For the photography session itself, I decided to keep the set in the studio fairly un-adorned – no fussy lighting, and a beautiful canvas backdrop that complemented the mood and feel. All this to make sure the attention is squarely on these strong women.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in this project! That this portrait series is successful for me as a photographer, is underscored by the feedback I received  from some of the participants:


“I LOVE the photos.  I don’t think I have ever liked myself as much!!
Thank you for your creativity and professionalism.”


“Finally to our wonderful photographer Neil ~ what a gem! All you have to do is to look through all of the photos that Neil sent to us all, and the simple truth is so evident! Of all the people in that studio on Thursday, Neil knew the truth before we did!

Where we might have worried about our physical appearance and how we would look to the ‘camera’~Neil did not. He wasn’t looking for the image in the mirror that ‘we see’ ~ he was looking for the genuine spiritual beauty that resides within all of us~and guess what? He found it! Just look at his beautiful~beautiful work~ the spirits that he captured are amazing~

Thank you, Neil, for your incredible gift of seeing what others cannot see.”



Portrait photographer NJ / NYC

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1 Paul Ward March 2, 2017 at 1:28 pm

Love your work and study your books. Love the backdrop used on this series. Can you share what you used? Paul


2 Neil vN March 5, 2017 at 12:56 am

Hi there Paul

All the technical details are in this Tangents article: Studio lighting with style and elegance

The background was one of the legendary Oliphant backdrops. It was a loaner backdrop from my friend. The backdrops are very expensive, but really are lovely.


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