NYC boudoir photo session / intimate photo session New York

NYC boudoir photographers New York intimate photo session

NYC boudoir photography / photographers New York boudoir

NJ / NYC boudoir photo session – Jessica J.

It was quite a treat to photograph a friend of mine, Jessica J, when she visited the USA again on a short trip from Germany where her husband is stationed. To extend the potential of the photo session, I arranged for studio time in New York, in addition to my studio in New Jersey. We were able to shoot NYC rooftop boudoir (with a view of the Empire State building)!

This boudoir photo session came about as a result of another photo session we did in a studio, with the intention of shooting Fashion styled portraits of Jessica. There was one initial image (shown directly below), which appeared to have had a huge impact on Jessica. As she later on write to me:  “The image you took showed me as vulnerable and sexy. It showed me a whole side of sexy that I had, yet never knew. Which is why you are the only man I would ever let do my boudoir photos. You saw something I never did.”

here is the original image that started this, and the article I wrote about the progression of the idea.

What Jessica told me was quite an affecting thing to hear about me as a photographer – that amount of trust in how I could photograph her. That photo session was about a year ago – and since then we had talked about doing another photo session, specifically with the intention of it being a boudoir photo session. But less “bedroom” and more with a touch of Fashion. I was also able to try about various lighting techniques, all adding up to give the images variety.

Here are the results of the latest sensual portrait session with Jessica. I’m very proud of these photos, but a lot of it has to do with Jessica’s natural elegance.

NYC boudoir photographer New York

boudoir photo session in New York / NYC

 NYC boudoir photo session


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