Family & kids photo session NJ

A double family photo session at Skylands Manor, Ringwood NJ in late Fall! Since I photographed Melissa and Dennis’ wedding a number of years ago; wedding – The Seasons, NJ. Since then we’ve done a family photo session every year since their first kid, Lilly, appeared on the scene. This year Melissa asked that we do a double photo session including her sister’s family as well. Sandra and Ricardo’s kids are Catarina (the older girl here), and Colin. Melissa and Dennis’ kids are Lilly (the younger girl), and baby Declan.

As anyone who has photographed kids will already know – it isn’t so easy to get a group of kids to simultaneously cooperate for photos. They will often tend to be their rambunctious selves. All the better to just let them be themselves, and photograph how they interact with each other, and let their real personalities shine. With that, I love how the kids played with each other during the photo session. We were lucky in getting some of the last Fall foliage at Skylands Manor in Ringwood, to give us those beautiful warm colors as a backdrop.

We got a lovely mix of photos – a variety of portraits of each of the kids; photos of each of the families, and then also group photos of the children. Some posed, some entirely candid as they played – a good selection of photos of the kids on this lovely Fall day.




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